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War material as monument

After the war large quantities of war materials were left at the European war theatre. Now, more than 50 years later, war relics are put on places as monument, as tangible memories to the second world war.On this page, a number of these places will be given.

This page contains a large number of pictures. It can take some time to download them.


Russian SU-100, Fürstenberg, Germany

  A Russian SU-100 SP-gun in Fürstenberg, Germany. Not far from the Ravensbrück female concentrationcamp.

The SU-100 is a part of a monument for the Russian war casualties.

German 15cm Torpedoboatgun, Longes sur Mer, France

  A German 15cm Torpedoboatgun ("15cm Torpedobootskanone C/36") in concrete gun emplacement of the type Regelbau M 272 in Longes sur Mer.

It is the only battery left on the German Atlantikwall today, with most of the original armament.

German 8,8cm Anti-Tank gun, Vierville sur Mer, France

A German bunker on the Omaha-Beach invasion beach in Normandy France. On top of the bunker is the U.S. National Guards Memorial.   In the bunker are the remains of a German 8,8cm Anti-Tank gun ("8,8cm Panzer Abwehr Kanone 41/43").

American 105mm M2A2 Field Gun, "Parkers Crossroad", Baraque-Fraiture, Belgium

  An American 105mm Field Gun, part of a memorial to remember the defenders of a crossroad in the Ardennes, during the Battle of the Bulge.

German Tiger II of Königstiger tank, La Gleize, Belgium

  A German Tiger II tank on the town square of a little village called La Gleize, Belgium. The tank belonged to the German Kampfgruppe Peiper, a Waffen SS unit that fought in that area during the Battle of the Bulge.

Russian T34/76, Westerplatte, Gdansk, Poland

  The Polish Westerplatte, near Gdansk (Danzig), the place were the second World War started. The Russian T34/76 is one of the monuments on the Westerplatte.

German 5cm Kampfwagen Kanone 39, Courseulles sur Mer, Normandy, France

  A German 5cm gun in Courseulles sur Mer, Normandie, France. The gun ones formed a part of the German Atlantikwall.

Allied Sherman Duplex Drive tank, Courseulles sur Mer, Normandy, France

  A Sherman Duplex Drive tank recovered from the sea in the early 70's in the "Juno" invasion beach.

Russian T34/85, Russian War Memorial, Burg, Germany

  A Russian T34/85 tank as a part of a Russian war memorial in a town called Burg, not far from Magdeburg in former East-Germany.

German Panther tank, Grandmenil, Belgium

  A German Panther tank, that ones belonged to the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich". If was left by the SS division after the Battle of the Bulge.

Russian T34/85, Liberation memorial, Kienitz, Germany

  A Russian T34/85 as part of a memorial that commemorates the fact that Kienitz was the first East-German village that was liberated by the Russian army in January 1945.

American M4 Sherman tank, Bastogne, Belgium

  An American Sherman tank on the main square of Bastogne, an important place of American resistance during the Battle of the Bulge.

American M4A1 Sherman tank, Vielsalm, Belgium

  An American M4A1 Sherman tank, as part of a monument to commemorate the 7th Armoured Division during the Battle of the Bulge.

German 5cm Kampfwagen Kanone, Bénouville, France

  A German 5cm gun near Pegasus Bridge in France. The 5cm gun was part of the German defense of the bridge.

German Tiger I tank, Vimoutiers, France

  This German Tiger I tank was left by the Germans after the Battle of the Falaise pocket in France. The Battle of the Falaise pocket marked the end of the Battle of Normandy.

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German 5cm Kampfwagen Kanone, St. Laurant sur Mer, France

  A 5cm gun in a bunker on the "Omaha" invasion beach, Normandy, France. The bunker is a part of a monument for the 2nd Infantry Division and the Provisonal Engineer Special brigade Group.

English Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE), Colleville-Montgomery, France

  One of the three AVRE's in Normandy France.

American M24 Chaffee tank, Spichern, France

  An American M24 Chaffee tank, part of a monument for the 76th US Division.

German 8,8cm Anti-Tank gun, Susteren, Netherlands

  An German 8,8cm Anti-Tank gun on the village square of Susteren, Limburg, Netherlands.




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