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Marine Küsten Batterie Longues sur Mer

(German navy gunsite Longues sur Mer)


Near the small village of Longues sur Mer, along the coast of Normandy. The site is part of the "D-Day Le Choc" ("D-Day the collision") route in Normandie. This is one of the 8 tourist routes that guide you through the Normandy battlefields. You can find information on these routes with most of the tourist offices.The routes are very well signed.


This probably the most famous Atlantikwall gunsite. It is the only one with almost all it's armament left. The commandbunker, a few hundred meters in front of the guns is used in the movie "The Longest Day".

Opening hours:

From dawn till dusk.


One of the M 272 type gunbunkers, complete with it's 15cm guns.

  One of the 15cm guns.


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