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U-Bootbunkerwerft "Konrad"


"Konrad" was not far from the bunker "Kilian", in a harbor opposite the town centre of Kiel, Germany.


In April 1943, the building firm Ways & Freytag started with the building of a U-Bootbunkerwerft on the grounds of he Deutsche Werke AG, Werk Kiel. At the end of October 1944 the bunker was completed. Between October 1944 and the spring of of 1945 "Konrad" was used to build sections (hulls)for the U-Boot type XXI.
From March 1945 "Konrad" was used for the production of the "Seehund" midgetsubmarines.

Just like most other U-Bootbunkers in that area, "Konrad" was a prey for the British Royal Engineers. Between October 1961 and May 1962 all remains of the bunker were permanently removed. During this work, three totally smashed "Seehund" midgetsubmarines were found..

"Konrad" before in was finished in October12, 1944.

Current status:

There are no remains of bunker "Konrad".



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