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U-Bootbunkerwerft "Kilian"


"Kilian" is situated in the harbor opposite the citycentre of Kiel, Germany


In the winter of 1941/42 the building of a U-Bootbunker started for protecting the assembling of new U-Boots and to have the possibility to carry out small repair works. On November 13th, 1943 it was finished and given the codename "Kilian".
A total amount of 200000m3 concrete was used to build the bunker.

"Kilian" in 1945

After the war, "Kilian" was blown by English engineers with 12 ton of explosives. In 1959 this was done again. Because of the high cost involved in clearing the bunker debris, the Kieler council decided to leave the remains of "Kilian" as they are.

Current status:

Since 1988 the remains are marked as a historic building.

De remains of "Kilian" in 1996   De remains of "Kilian" in 1996



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