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This map gives an overview of the location of the places on this Web site in Germany. The amount of W.W.II related places in Germany is so high, that in the near future it will be split up per province. Some general information on Germany can be found on the Lonely Planet site.


  Explenation of the signs on the map:
The capitals of the German provinces (called "Bunderländern") . These are more or less the major cities of Germany.
Camp related sites
War Industry related sites
War complexes, buildings and related sites
Museums, monuments, etc.

All places in Germany, sorted on location:

Aachen Luftschutzbunker Saarstraße, Aachen, Germany
Alexisdorf Emsland camp XV ("Emslandlager XV"), Alexisdorf, Germany
Aschendorfermoor Emsland camp II ("Emslandlager II"), Aschendorfermoor, Germany
Bad Gandersheim Concentrationcamp subcamp Bad Gandersheim (KZ Aussenlager Bad Gandersheim), Bad Gandersheim, Germany
Bathorn Emsland camp XIV ("Emslandlager XIV"), Bathorn, Germany
Berlin Luftschutzbunker Anhalter Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany
Börgermoor Emsland camp I ("Emslandlager I"), Börgermoor, Germany
Bremen U-Bootbunkerwerft "Hornisse", Bremen, Germany
Submarine production site "
U-Bootbunkerwerft Valentine", Bremen, Germany
Luftschutzbunker Grasbergerstraße, Bremen, Germany
Brual-Rhede Emsland camp III ("Emslandlager III"), Brual-Rhede, Germany
Bruchhausen V1 Launching site, Bruchhausen, Germany
Burg Russian T34/85, Russian War Memorial, Burg, Germany
Clausthal-Zellerfeld Explosive factory "Tanne", Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany
Crawinkel Luftwaffe ammunition dump Crawinkel (Luftmunitionsanstalt Crawinkel), Crawinkel, Germany
Concentrationcamp subcamp Crawinkel (
Aussenlager Crawinkel), Crawinkel, Germany
Dalum Emsland camp I ("Emslandlager XII"), Dalum, Germany
Dresden Frauenkirche Dresden, Dresden, Germany
Military museum Dresden (
Militärhistorisch Dresden), Dresden, Germany
Emden Bunker Museum, Emden, Germany
Luftschutzbunker Holzsägerstraße, Emden, Germany
Luftschutzbunker Am Heiling-Muhlenstrasse, Emden, Germany
Luftschutzbunker Katergang, Emden, Germany
Esterwegen Emsland camp VII ("Emslandlager VII"), Esterwegen, Germany
Friedrichwalde Hermann Göring Estate "Karinhalle", Schorfheide (near Friedrichwalde), Germany
Fullen Emsland camp X ("Emslandlager X"), Fullen, Germany
Fürstenberg Russian SU-100, Fürstenberg, Germany
Giessen German Army Communication centre ("Amt 600" or "Giesela"), Giessen, Germany
Groß-Hesepe Emsland camp XI ("Emslandlager XI"), Groß-Hesepe, Germany
Hamburg U-Bootbunkerwerft "Elbe II", Hamburg, Germany
Concentrationcamp subcamp Bullenhuser Damm (
Aussenlager Bullenhuser Damm), Hamburg, Germany
Anti-Aircraft bunkers in Hamburg (
Hamburg-Wilhemsburg and Heiligengeistfeld), Hamburg, Germany
Submarine production site "
U-Bootbunkerwerft Fink II", Hamburg, Germany
Hannover Luftschutzbunker Am Seelberg, Hannover, Germany
Luftschutzbunker Deister Platz, Hannover, Germany
Kiel U-Bootbunkerwerft "Kilian", Kiel, Germany
U-Bootbunkerwerft "
Konrad", Kiel, Germany
Kienitz Russian T34/85, Liberation memorial, Kienitz, Germany
Koblenz German defense Studycollection ("Wehrtechnische Studien Sammlung"), Koblenz, Germany
Königstein Fortress Königstein (Festung Königstein), Königstein, Germany
Langenstein Concentrationcamp subcamp Langenstein-Zwieberge (Aussenlager Langenstein-Zwieberge), Langenstein, Germany
Neusustrum Emsland camp V ("Emslandlager V"), Neusustrum, Germany
Niedersachsenwerfen Underground production of airplanes (SS-Führungsstab B12), Niedersachsenwerfen, Germany
Nordhausen Concentrationcamp subcamp Boelcke Kaserne (Aussenlager Boelcke Kaserne), Nordhausen, Germany
Oberlangen Emsland camp VI ("Emslandlager VI"), Oberlangen, Germany
Papenburg Emsland camps information centre ("DIZ"), Papenburg, Germany
Peenemünde V2 rocket testing centre Peenemünde ("Heimat Artillery Park 11"), Peenemünde, Germany
Rodert Operational headquarters Adolf Hitler (Führerhauptquartier "Felsennest"), Rodert, Germany
Salza/Thüringen Underground production of V-weapons (Mittelwerk GmbH), Salza/Thüringen, Germany
Torgau an der Elbe First meeting of the American and Russian troops in Torgau an der Elbe, Germany
Trassenheide Concentrationcamp subcamp Trassenheide (KZ Aussenlager Trassenheide), Trassenheide, Germany
Versen Emsland camp IX ("Emslandlager IX"), Versen, Germany
Vossenack German war cemetery (Kriegsgräberstätte Vossenack), Vossenack, Germany
Walchum Emsland camp IV ("Emslandlager IV"), Walchum, Germany
Wietmarschen Emsland camp XIII ("Emslandlager XIII"), Wietmarschen, Germany
Weimer Nazi province authorities ("Gauforum Weimer"), Weimer, Germany
Wesuwe Emsland camp VIII ("Emslandlager VIII"), Wesuwe, Germany



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