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Arbeitserziehungslager (AEL) Farge

(Educational workcamp Farge)


The camp was in a small place called Farge, currently a part of the German city of Bremen.It was on a large heath area.


The camp was founded in the 1940 by the Gestapo in Bremen on the grounds of a WiFo-Anlage ("WiFo-Depot"). WiFo ("Wirschaftliche Forschungsgesellschaft") was organization that had to store important raw materials for the war industry. The purpose of the camp was to educate prisoners who, according the Germans were "lazy", how to work. The regime in this camp can be compared with the regime of a concentrationcamp. The work the prisoners had to carry put was usually physical heavy work.

From 1943, the prisoners had to work on the buildingsite of a large U-Boot construction site called Valentin, about 3km from the camp.

The camp was evacuated in the beginning of April 1945. The exact amount of people that died in the camp is not exactly known.


More info on Arbeitserziehungslager can be found at the site of the Netherlands Association of Slave Laborers W.W.II.

Current status:

There is not much left of the camp today. Some remains of the barrack foundations can be found. The German authorities placed a sign with a short overview of the of the camp.

Remains of the foundations of the barracks (1993)   Remains of the foundations of the barracks (1993).
Information sign on the former camp site (1993)   Information sign on the former camp site (1993).



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