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Führer Bunker Berlin

(Hitler's Bunker, Berlin)


The former site of the Führer Bunker is An der Kolonade, Berlin, Germany.


The bunker was build in 1936 in the garden of the old chancellery ("Alte Reichskanzlei"). In 1943 the Hochtief company build a new bunker in the garden of the old chancellery. This was deeper in the ground that the 1936 bunker. The 1943 and 1936 bunkers were connected via a stair. The 1936 was then called "Vorbunker". The 1943 bunker was the actual bunker for Hitler "Führer Bunker").

On the 30th of April 1945, Eva and Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the lower part of he bunker. There bodies were carried out of the bunker through the emergency exit and burned/buried in the garden in the new chancellery.

Current status:

In 1988 the East-German authorities (the site of the bunker was in East-German territory, near the Berlin Wall) started to examine the remains of the bunker. After finishing the 1936 bunker ("Vorbunker") was destroyed. The purpose was that a number of apartment buildings were planned in that area.

The site of the bunker and the former burial place of Hitler is currently a recreation-ground. Nothing reminds of the historic events that took place half a century ago.

The remains (roof) of the 1936 bunker ("Vorbunker") in 1988. In 1988 , the roof was blown (carefully) from the bunker. The roof was about 2,5m thick. The picture below-right is taken in 1991. Currently the site is a children's recreation-ground.



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