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Aussenlager Bad Gandersheim

(Concentrationcamp subcamp Bad Gandersheim)


The camp was in a former monastery in Brunshausen, part of a German town called Bad Gandersheim in the Harz, Germany.


The camp was founded in the beginning of October 1944 as a subcamp of the concentrationcamp Buchenwald. The average amount of prisoners was 500. They had to work in a factory called "Bruns Apparatebau GmbH, Zweigwerk der Heinkelwerke", a subsidiary of the German Heinkel aircraft factories.

The camp was evacuated in the beginning of April 1945. During the evacuation, the SS shot down 40 prisoners in the nearby village of Clus.

Current status:

The monastery were the camp was still exist. Some memorials are placed there to commemorate the victims of the camp. The places were the 40 prisoners were executed by the SS is marked by a large wooden cross.

  The part of the monastery were the camp was (1997).
  One of the small monument on the former camp site (1997).
  The cross that marks the place of the massacre (1997).



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