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Musée Mémorial De La Bataille de Normandie 1944

(Bayeux Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum)


This museum is in Bayeux, Normandy, France. This museum is part of the "D-Day Le Choc" ("D-Day the collision") route in Normandie. This is one of the 8 tourist routes that guide you through the Normandy battlefields. You can find information on these routes with most of the tourist offices.The routes are very well signed.

Musée municipal de Bayeux
Phone. 31929341


A very large museum, with a very fine collection of W.W.II items. In front of the museum are several tanks such as a Hetzer (Swiss G13), a M10 Tank Destroyer and a Crocodile flametrower tank. Opposite the museum in a British Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery.

Opening hours:

Open daily.

  The museum entrence with a Hetzer (actually a Swiss G13) (1990)
  Part of the museum collection (1990)



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