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Musée de Debarquement

(Debarkation museum)


On the promenade of Arromanche, Normandy France. The site is part of the "D-Day Le Choc" ("D-Day the collision") route in Normandie. This is one of the 8 tourist routes that guide you through the Normandy battlefields. You can find information on these routes with most of the tourist offices.The routes are very well signed.


The museum is concerned with the history of the artificial harbors, build after the Normandy landings in June1944. In Arromanche one of the two artificial "Mulberry" harbors, with the codename "Winston". was build. Today at low tide some remains of the artificial port can still be seen.

Opening hours:

May 13th - September 3rd: 09:00-18:30
Rest of the year: 09:00-11:30 and 1400-17:30

  The museum (middle left) and at the background the remains of the artificial "Mulberry"


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