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Musée de la Liberation de Ville de Cherbourg

(Cherbourg Liberation museum)


The museum is situated in the Fortress du Roule, on a high hill overlooking the town of Cherbourg, German. The museum is part of the "Objectif - Un Port" ("Goal - a harbor") route in Normandie/Manche, France. This is one of the 8 tourist routes that guide you through the Normandy battlefields. You can find information on these routes with most of the tourist offices.The routes are very well signed


The museum describes the war in the French harbor town of Cherbourg. It is a fairly new museum, with not much exhibits.

Opening hours:

April 1 - September 30, Daily 09:00-12:00 + 14:00-18:00
October 1 - March 31, Daily 09:30-12:00 + 14:00-17:30


Ingang van het fort du Roule   De entrance to the fort du Roule were the museum is situated
8,8cm Pak 43 en 15cm s.I.G. 33   A German 8,8cm Panzer Abwehr Kanone 43 (8,8cm Anti-Tank gun),and left a 15cm schweres Infantrie Geschütz 33 (15cm heavy Infantry gun).



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