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German concrete Air Raid Shelters ("Luftschutzbunker")

During the second world war, the Germans build a large number concrete Air Raid Shelters (or Luftschutzbunker" in German) to protect the civil population for the ever increasing Allied bombardments. Now, more that 50 years of the war, these Air Raid Shelter still define city views. On this page, some examples of still existing bunkers will be given.

This page contains a large number of pictures. It can take some time to download them.


Luftschutzbunker Anhalter Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany


Luftschutzbunker Holzsägerstraße, Emden, Germany

  This bunker is currenlty a museum called "Das Bunkermuseum".

Luftschutzbunker Am Seelberg, Hannover, Germany

  The bunker is used as a watertower.

Luftschutzbunker Grasbergerstraße, Bremen, Germany

  The bunker has wallpaintings that depict the history of this part of Bremen.

Luftschutzbunker Am Heiling-Muhlenstrasse, Emden, Germany

  One of the 49 large Air Raid Shelters in Emden. Emden was the city with highest number of concrete Air Raid Shelters.

Luftschutzbunker Saarstraße, Aachen, Germany


Luftschutzbunker Deister Platz, Hannover, Germany


Luftschutzbunker Katergang, Emden, Germany




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