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First American/Russian meeting in Torgau an der Elbe


A small town along the river Elbe, 100km south-west of Berlin, Germany


On the 25th of April, American forces of the 1st Army and Russian forces of the 5th Guards army met each other along the banks of the river Elbe.



Current status:

The blown up bridge at Torgau was rebuild after war. On the Torgau riverside is a monument that remembers the historic events. In the castle near bridge is a local museum, with a small exhibition about the meeting in 1945.

In 1993 the Germans build a new Elbe bridge beside the old one. In 1994 the old Elbe bridge was blown up.

  The castle with the small exhibition and on the left, the old Elbe bridge, were the meeting took place in 1993.
The monument on the riverside, below the castle (1993).



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