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Militärhistorisches Dresden


On the Olbrichtplatz 3 in Dresden, Germany, near the Czechoslovakian border.


The museum was the official military museum of the former East-German army. It describes military history between the 8th century and the present. After the German reunification, the status of the museum was was not clear. A few years ago, the museum (again) became an official army museum.

Opening hours:

Daily 09:00-17:00, except for Monday's


A large number World War II relics, such as fieldguns, anti tank guns, heavy ammunition and light armoured vehicles. It also describes the history of the army and airforce during W.W.II.

A list of large pieces displayed can be found here.

  A German 80cm High Explosive grenade from the 80cm Railway gun "Dora".
  A German 15cm Rocket launcher (15cm Nebelwerfer).
  A German 8,8cm Anti Tank rocket launcher (8,8cm Raketengranatwerfer or Püppchen). It is the mobile version of the German "Bazooka".
  A large collection of NATO and Warsaw Pact vehicles outside the museum.
All pictures are taken in 1993.    


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