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Commandozentrale Hansa I/Hansa II


Near the German town of Giessen, in the middle of the western part Germany.


One of the two commandcentres of the German army build around the year 1940. The other commandcentre is located in Wünsdorf/Zossen and was codenamed "Zeppelin".

The complex consisted of four large bunkers codenamed Hansa I (2 bunkers) and Hansa II (2 bunkers). The bunker looked like a large, normal house, with nice "wooden" doors and roofing-tile, etc. It had 2 floors and an underground part.

After the war, the Hansa-bunkers were on the River-barracks, which was used by the American army.

Current status:

After the American Army had left, the former River Barracks became crown property. This included the underground communication facility codenamed "Gisela". A group of local people pumped the Gisela empty and are turing the former communication center into a museum.

The story of the Hansa bunkers is less nice. Of the four bunkers, two were demolished in march 1998. Due to the demolishing costs, a third one was saved. The fourth one is a youth center.

  The building (house) that is thee actual entrance to the underground bunker complex.
  The interior of the entrance bunker.
  The interior of the entrance bunker.
  The interior of the entrance bunker.



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