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Aussenlager Trassenheide


A subcamp of the concentrationcamp Ravensbrück about 5km south of Peenemünde, in the north of Germany.


In the spring of 1943 the nazi's decided to use concentrationcamp prisoners in the rocketcentre in Peenemünde. The main task of these prisoners was to produce V2 rockets in a experimental factory ("Versuchsserienwerk") in Peenemünde.

During the Allied bomabardment of Peenemünde on the 17th/18th August 1943, a large number of prisoners died.

Current status:

There is not much left of the camp these days. Between 1948 en 1991, the camp area was sealed of area. In the woods you can find several fundaments of camp buildings. The victims of camp are buried on a special cemetery, not far from the former camp site.

  The former railway platfrom of the camp (1993)
  Fondament of baracks (1993)
  The special cemetery with the remains of all prisoners of the camp died in Peenemünde. It is estimated that there are over 2000 people buried here.



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