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Stalag (Luft) III


The German POW camp (called Stammlager or Stalag) was situated in the forest near the town of Sagan (Zagan in Polish), Poland. Sagan is about 160km south-east of Berlin.


The camp is founded in April 1943. It was one of the 6 special German POW camps, specially build for the ever increasing amount of POW aircrews. On the height of existence of the camp, about 10000 officers and non-commissioned officers were in the camp.

The Stalag (Luft) III became famous of what was known as "The Great Escape". In March 24th/2th, 1944, a large group of 80 Allied prisoners escaped from the POW camp. They had dug a tunnel with the nickname "Harry". Only 15 man managed to escape to free territory. All others were killed by the Germans.

  An aerial photograph of the camp.

Current status:

The former grounds of the Stalag (Luft) III are currently part of a Polish military training area. Near the former camp site is small, but interesting museum. There are no original buildings left, on the woods you can find all kinds of debris that betray the presence of former quarters.

  The museum near the former camp (1993)
  A model of the camp (1993).
  Remains of camp (1993).



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