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Hermann Göring estate "Karinhalle"


On the Schorfheide, not far from a place called Friedrichwalde. It is about 80km north of Berlin, Germany


In 1933 Hermann Göring got, because of his function as minister of Preussen, a large piece of land on the Schorfheide, about 80km north of Berlin. He build a house on the land for weekends and named it after his in 1931 deceased wife Karin von Fock.

In 1936, Hitler ordered to enlarge "Karinhalle" so that it could be used as an official reception for high guests.

1935, Göring marries Emmy Sonneman and they use "Karinhalle" as there living house.

On 20-07-37, the "Karinhalle" was ready.

After the birth of Görings daughter Emma in 1940, "Karinhalle" was made larger again.

After the German defeat at Stalingrad in 1943/44, Göring started to use "Karinhalle" as an official Headquarters for his Luftwaffe. Large underground systems were build to provide shelter in case of airraids.

On 12-01-45, Göring celebrates his last birthday on "Karinhalle".

On Hitler's last birthday on 20-04-45, Göring leaves his estate. All valuable goods are loaded on lorries. Göring personally blows up his estate. After that the attends Hitler's birthday in Berlin.

After the war the local population took all valuable things left away.

During the period of the DDR (East-Germany), the format estate was used by high communist part leaders for hunting parties, etc. No one was allowed in that area. After the Berlin Wall went down, the estate could be visited freely again.

Current status:

There is not much left now these days. On the former estate you can some pieces of debris of Görings former house. Only the entrance gate is till there. Furthermore a number of tunnels can be found. The vegetation looks a bit strange on some places, it doesn't fit in the normal forrest vegetation.These are probably the remains of the garden.

It is hard to imagine that there ones was large house on these grounds.

The entrance to the estate   The entrance to the estate (1993)
One of the many underground tunnels   One of the many underground tunnels (1993)
One of the larger pieces of rubble on the state   One of the larger pieces of rubble on the state (1993)



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