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Festung Königstein


The Festungs Königstein is located about 30km south-east of Dresden, Germany near the Czechoslovakian border.


Königstein is fortress build in the 13th century and rebuild and improved in later periods. During the second World War, a part of Königstein (the "Altes Zeughaus") was used as a POW camp for mainly French and Polish high rank officers (with approximate 100 prisoners). This camp was know as Oflag IVB.

In the "Neues Zeughaus" of the Festung is a annex of the Dresden Military Museum. The focus of this museum is the history of special weaponry used for fighting fortresses.

Opening hours:

11 April - 31 September, daily 08:00-20:00
1 October - 31 October, daily 09:00-18:00
1 November - 10 April, daily 09:00-17:00


A German 21cm Peenemünde Pfeilgeschoss (PPG)   A German SC 2500 Max bomb


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