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Aussenlager Bullenhuser Damm


In the Janusz-Korczak-Schule, Bullenhuser Damm, Hamburg Germany.


In October 1944 a subcamp of the concentrationcamp (KZ) Neuengamme was build in a former school building on the Bullenhuser Damm in Hamburg. The camp existed until April 1945. The prisoners in the camp had to work for a SS-company called Deutsche Erd und Steinwerke GmbH (DESt). Their task was to clear away debris from airraids and convert it to building materials.

In KZ-Neuengamme, SS-doctor Dr. Kurt Heissmeyer carried out tuberculosis tests on prisoners. For this purpose he asked for 20 Jewish children from KZ-Auschwitz. To cover up his deeds, he ordered to kill the children and their companions. In the night of April 10, the people were killed in the basement of the school at the Bullenhuser Damm.

Current status:

In 1980 a commemoration site (Gedenkstätte) was opened in the basement were the people were murdered. Behind the building is a rose garden, where the victims of the Bullenhuser Damm massacre and the Aussenlager were commemorated.

  The former school at the Bullenhuser Damm in Hamburg (1991).



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