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Enamel factory Oskar Schindler


In the Ul. Lipowa (Lipowa street) in the Polish town of Krakau (Krakow).


After the invasion of Poland, the Germans started to concentrate Jewish people in so called ghetto's. One of these ghetto's was located in a Polish town called Krakau (Krakow in Polish). In march 1943 the ghetto was liquidated. Most of the ghetto inhabitants were put is a camp called KZ Plaszow or Arbeitslager Plaszow.

In December 1939 Oskar Schindler, an industrial form the Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia), bought an enamel factory from Jewish people. He became friends with the local SS authorities and arranged cheap laborers for his enamel work. After the liquidation of the ghetto in March 1943, the Jews are transported to the KZ Plaszow. The Jewish workers from Schindlers enamel works traveled daily from the camp to the factory. In September 1944, Schindler prepared his "list" of Jews he wanted to take to a new factory in Brunnlitz, Sudetenland.

Current status:

The former Schindler factory still exists in Krakau. On the grounds is currently a manufacturer of Electronic parts. In 1994, a part of the film "Schindlers list" was taken here.

The former Schindler Enemal factory   The former Schindler Enamel factory (1995)
A small plaquette on the former factory frounds   A small plaquette on the former factory grounds (1995)



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