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Gesellschaft zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH
Verwertchemie Werk "Tanne"


The former explosive factory "Tanne" was located in a forest north-east of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Hessen, Germany. Clausthal-Zellerfeld has a big university, specialized in geology.


The factory was build in the period 1935 - 1938, for the "Gesellschaft zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH", a subsidiary of the Dynamit Nobel AG (DAG). It had the codename "Tanne" ("spar"). The factory mainly produced Fullpulver 02 (Fp.02), this was better know as TNT. The monthly production was 2800 tons of TNT. The production code of this facility was "clt".

Beside the production of TNT, there was a facility to fill a whole range of shells, grenades and bombs. These facilities were know as "Universal-Füllstelle" and "Bombenfüllstelle". The "Universal-Füllstelle" had the capacity to process 3000 tons TNT per month.

An average of 2600 people worked in the factory. These were mainly forced laborers and POW's, they staid in camps in the area. Known camps are:

Current status:

After the war the factory was dismantled by the Allies. Most of the building still exist today and the area gives a good idea how a German explosive factory must have looked like. As with most former explosive factories there a big environmental problems because of the activities 60 years ago.

One of the "Tanne" buildings   One of the "Tanne" buildings (1997)
A platform for loading goods on trains   A platform for loading goods on trains (1997)
  Entry to a cellar (1997).
  One of the "Tanne" building (1997).
  The blown up remians of the "Acid buildings". Acids are very importent for the production of TNT. The area with the former Acid buildings is fenced (1997).



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