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U-Bootbunkerwerft/U-Bootreparaturbunker "Fink II"


In the harbor area, in the south of Hamburg, Germany.


In the beginning of march 1941 the Organisation Todt started to build U-Bootbunkerwerft/U-Bootreparaturwerft op the grounds of the Deutsche Werft AG , Werk Finkenwärder, Hamburg. The bunker was used to build type IXC en XXII U-Boots. Later it was used for repairing U-Boots.

At the end of the war, the Gemans blew up all U-Boots in the bunker. On the 17th of October 1945, the British army blew up the bunker. In the mid 50's the remains were permanently removed

"Fink II" in October 1944.

Current status:

There is nothing left of the bunker today.