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U-Bootbunkerwerft "Elbe II"


In the harbor area, in the south of Hamburg, Germany


The U-Bootbunkerwerft "Elbe II" was build for the Howaldswerke shipyard for the finishing of the U-Boot VII-C. In an later phase, the bunker was used to repair U-Boot.

At the end of 1945 the entrance of the bunker was blown by British engineers.

Current status:

The bunker itself still exists, but is accessible for public. In the bunker are still the remains of the U-Boots type XXI, de U2505, U3004 en de U3506. With low tide you can still see these U-Boots.

  "Elbe II" in May 1945
"Elbe II" heden ten dagen   "Elbe II" in May 1996



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